Hair Color & Color Corrections 

  • Tint Touch up… $75+
    Roots and all over color.

  • Highlights, Lowlights… $120+
    Includes highlights and all over color.
          Fashion Colors (Pink etc.) may be an additional charge.

  • Balayage /Ombre /Multidimensional Colors… $150+
    Requires Consultation for Pricing.
    Price depending on hair length and hair thickness;
    May require multiple services

  • Grey Enhancement Color* (see below)
    Highlights/lowlights to natural grey Hair
    Price upon consultation

  • Color Correction
    Consultation required for pricing.
    Price depending on hair length and hair thickness;
    May require multiple services
    Example: From Black to Blonde, Or Accidental Green hair to natural

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We are experts at hair coloring and corrections!

 In our salon we hold classes monthly and attend many hair conventions. We understand the chemistry of why and how beautiful color is created, and we spend the time to do it right. Our colorists work as a team so that our combined knowledge benefits you.

Does your hair color need a drastic change or makeover? Many salons in the Gold Country area send us their challenging color clients. Our clients range from business women who like classic natural color to”free spirits” who always are experimenting with new looks.

With a range of looks from Highlights, Lowlights, Ombre, Balayage, Peek-a-boo Highlights, High Fashion Blondes or Reds, or the classic Chocolate Browns… if you think your hair color lacks the “wow” factor call us!

* With the latest techniques and products we can create natural,
shiny or high-fashion hair color.

* We know what compliments your natural coloring of skin and eyes.

* Bring us your problem hair color – we love the challenge!

* Our experts can show you how to return to grey with flair.

* Add high fashion fun colors.

* Organic colors available.


*Grey Enhancement is a service that is great if you have grey hair or thinking of going grey. With our natural blonde, brunette or red hair clients we can create lighter and darker pieces to make her color “pop” more. We use the same techniques for grey hair by using a palette of black to white or platinum to black. We weave different colors into your hair that compliments your grey to brighten, enhance and rejuvenate. Clients love that the maintenance of hair color is reduced for them, but they don’t have dull or boring hair. 

Hair Color F.A.Q.

Will Hair Coloring Hurt my Hair?
It depends. Our qualified hair color specialists will be able to determine the condition of your hair and assess whether your hair can handle the chemicals.

Could I Change my Dark Brown Hair to Blonde?
This actually is two questions. Is your hair natural or tinted dark? If naturally dark our colorist could probably bring your hair to a dark blond with lighter highlights. If your hair is tinted dark then this would be a color correction. To determine how light tinted hair would go, our color specialist would have to see your hair and analyze its condition. we would then suggest how light you could go in one session. 

Why isn’t the Grey on my Hair Fully Covered When I Leave my Salon?
Grey hair is comprised of mainly blue pigment, if the ratio of yellow and red pigment is not added to the formula, the result will be transparent color or even “hot roots” where the color appears brighter at retouched grey area. Our well trained colorist understand how color needs to be formulated so hair is covered evenly.


100% No-Risk Guarantee

As the owner, we want our clients to be super pleased, in fact, absolutely delighted with everything we do. All of our services come with our ironclad, risk-free guarantee. What does this mean? Simply this: If you aren’t happy with our work, we’ll do it over for free. If you're still not thrilled, you can have your money back. No questions asked. No hard feelings. Its your choice. We stand behind our work 100%. If you ever have any questions or concerns about our work, please call us right away.

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